The Coffee House
After working on our poems for nearly two whole terms, we finally got to demonstrate our effort and hard work during the coffee house. “The Coffee House” literally means a place serving coffee where people go to listen to music or poetry.
From the beginning of the year, we’ve been writing poems in different forms and cultivating poetry inside us. It has helped us a lot in expressing many things in less word. Color poems, sonnets and Personification and slam poems; there are different ways to say the same thing. For many of us, this has helped ... Read More

Children are deeply affected by their surroundings and especially the attitude of people around them. Kaasthamandap Vidhyalaya seeks to provide students a congenial and positive, yet challenging environment that will support their all-round developmental needs and help children get in touch with their inner awareness. This, we hope, will lay the foundation that will eventually bring out in our graduates their best capabilities that will make them productive members of our society, as well as contributors to the advancement of the human race.

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The primary curriculum is based on the prepared classroom and immediate school environment and goes beyond to the culturally rich and diverse surroundings of Kathmandu Valley. Students learn through exploration and experimentation, creative construction and expression, as well as through interactive engagement in the world around them, facilitated by the guidance of experienced teachers. With this holistic approach, we want students to become life-long learners, committed, responsible and capable of solving their own problems besides embracing values of mutual respect-cooperation and social justice.

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MONTESSORI MATERIALS AND METHODS, which are very supportive to the needs of young children, are incorporated throughout the primary years, where relevant.

BLOCKS, an integral part of the curriculum serve to integrate all the disciplines required by the younger children.

THE ART AND CRAFT ROOM is equipped with a variety of material from paints and crayons to clay and found material that encourage children to explore, express and create their inner and outer world. Woodwork and needlework complement this area as well.

THE SCHOOL LIBRARY is stocked with well selected children’s literature in English and Nepali as well ... Read More