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The Coffee House

The Coffee House
After working on our poems for nearly two whole terms, we finally got to demonstrate our effort and hard work during the coffee house. “The Coffee House” literally means a place serving coffee where people go to listen to music or poetry.
From the beginning of the year, we’ve been writing poems in different forms and cultivating poetry inside us. It has helped us a lot in expressing many things in less word. Color poems, sonnets and Personification and slam poems; there are different ways to say the same thing. For many of us, this has helped to eliminate the misconception that poetry is all about rhyming.
During the Coffee House, we recited our own poems and each one was about an entirely different topic Death, History and War, Peace, Nature, Religion and so on. We recited our poems in front of the teachers and our Parents and al the poems were interesting however, some stood out than the rest.
The Coffee House was a new and wonderful experience. I wasn’t into poetry in the beginning of the year but now it seems like a great way to put thoughts, experiences and imagination into words. I hope the next batch enjoys it just like wed did.