SCHOOL BUILDING  (The first earthquake proof retrofitted private school in Nepal)

The main school building, despite having withstood the disastrous impact of the earthquake in June 2015 was a given a thorough make over by retrofitting the entire block of buildings and making it certifiably earthquake resitant. The retrofitting works was managed and conducted by ESS (Earthquake Saftey Solution) under the guidance and  in consultation with NSET (National Society for Earthquake Technology)


which are very supportive to the needs of young children, are incorporated throughout the primary years, where relevant.

BLOCKS, an integral part of the curriculum serve to integrate all the disciplines required by the younger children.

THE ART AND CRAFT ROOM is equipped with a variety of material from paints and crayons to clay and found material that encourage children to explore, express and create their inner and outer world. Woodwork and needlework complement this area as well.

THE SCHOOL LIBRARY is stocked with well selected children’s literature in English and Nepali as well as other reading and reference material for students and teachers there is interent access and an An audio-visual facility is also available.

BASIC COMPUTER SKILLS are taught and made use of practically. Our computer laboratory is equipped to serve all levels.

ASSEMBLIES give students a platform to share what they learn with the whole school. Parents are invited occasionally to special events but are welcome at other times too.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION is enhanced by Yoga, Movement and Dance classes to balance physical strength with inner discipline and creative expression. Our playground is carefully planned and well equipped with sports facilities to ensure the needs of the students as well as their safety.

MUSIC AND SINGING is a regular feature in the classroom. Students get to display their talent throughout the year.

PARENTS are active partners with the school to contribute to the students' growth. We encourage parents to share their talents and interests with the children. Close communication is maintained between the school and home through the Contact Book as well as through other meetings when necessary. Parent-Teacher-Conference (PTC) scheduled every term ensures close follow up of students' progress and mutual consultation.

TRIPS to neighbouring and sometimes far away places are a regular feature for the students, as an extension to what they study in class or as part of the special projects they undertake. Parent volunteers are welcome to accompany students on such occasions to facilitate supervision and enjoyment.