It gives me immense joy and deep satisfaction to be part of an ever growing Kaasthamandap Vidhyalaya Family. From its inception Kaasthamandap Vidhyalaya has tried to create a peaceful and safe haven with a nurturing environment for its students and staff. We have strived to take the challenge of embracing and supporting students with a range of abilities from diverse background whose parents come to us with a wide range of expectation. The effort and challenges to meet these expectations is an ongoing process from which we are learning every day. In fifteen years it has been rewarding to see a buzzing community of learners sharing, cooperating, collaborating for meaningful learning. We see students engaged in active and experiential learning through study of their immediate surroundings as well as trips to places near and far. Circle time, discussion and debates continue at various levels for better understanding of each other and the subject matter. Collaborative work and shared learning has helped to promote cooperation, team spirit as well as recognize individual strengths. Creative expression is encouraged through various media of arts, languages and performances throughout the year. We have also had several chances to reach out into the wider community through projects, social work and trainings. We are extremely grateful to our entire community of students and their families; dedication of teachers and staff who have been at our side along the ups and downs of our challenging yet joyous journey to reach where we are today. The leadership, guidance and support from the Board of Directors, the Administration and School Management Committee is much appreciated. Continued support for Kaasthamandap Vidhyalaya’s growth and progress for quality and inclusive education in Nepal will be much appreciated from all our well wishers who share our vision for better education for our future citizens who we hope will contribute to a better Nepal and a peaceful world.


Ela Piya

Founder Director, Founder Principal